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Khách sạn Seoul

Seoul Khách sạn

Khách sạn đang được ưa chuộng tại Seoul

Lotte Hotel Seoul - Khách sạn Seoul
Rating: 5.0 Stars
VND 5.665.992

Lotte Hotel Seoul

30, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul - Bản đồ
"Great hotel for shopping and around Seoul"
Shopping is right below the hotel. Myeongdong is within 10mins walking distance. Enjoy shopping by day and street hawker for local snacks and bites at night at Myeongdong. Dongdaemun is 3 stops away by train if you are up for more shopping.
Một khách
Khách sạn sang trọng này tọa lạc tại Namdaemun - Seoul, gần Trung tâm Thương mại Lotte, Cung điện Deoksugung và …Thông tin khác
Hotel Skypark Central Myeongdong - Khách sạn Seoul
Rating: 3.5 Stars
VND 3.832.182

Hotel Skypark Central Myeongdong

16, Myeongdong 9-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul - Bản đồ
"Perfect location"
Impressed with the trainee Kimberly at the check in counter, she's attentive,friendly and good spoken english for a korean.
Henry từ Malaysia
Khách sạn phù hợp cho gia đình này tọa lạc tại Myeongdong - Seoul, khá gần Nhà hát Myeongdong, Cáp treo Namsan và Trung tâm …Thông tin khác
HOTEL SKYPARK Myeongdong II - Khách sạn Seoul
Rating: 3.0 Stars
VND 3.448.964


22, Myeongdong 9-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul - Bản đồ
"Exceeded my expectations"
This hotel is in the center of Myeongdong, very close to the subway and restaurants/shops. When we first arrived, we weren´t to excited because the lobby looks small and plain, but when we got up to our rooms, we were pretty satisfied with our choice of hotel.
Adan từ Guadalajara, Mexico
Nằm ở trung tâm Seoul, khách sạn dành cho gia đình này cách Bảo tàng Công nghệ Viễn thông T.um SK, Trung tâm Thương mại …Thông tin khác
Ramada Hotel and Suites Seoul Namdaemun - Khách sạn Seoul
Rating: 4.0 Stars

Ramada Hotel and Suites Seoul Namdaemun

27, Chilpae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul - Bản đồ
"Convenient for transportations and shopping."
Kind employees. Quiet place for doing your own business.
Vic từ california, USA
Tọa lạc ngay trung tâm Seoul, khách sạn phù hợp cho gia đình này nằm cách Sungnyemun, Chợ Namdaemun và Công viên Seosomun …Thông tin khác
The Plaza - Khách sạn Seoul
Rating: 5.0 Stars
VND 5.748.273

The Plaza

119, Sogong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul - Bản đồ
"The Plaza"
beautiful hotel with great atmosphere, great location and excellent food. the rooms have a great view of Seoul`s City Hall and are equiped with the lastest technology. highly recommend it
Rafael từ Panama, Central America
Khách sạn sang trọng này nằm ngay trung tâm Seoul, cách Bảo tàng Nghệ thuật hiện đại và đương đại Quốc gia, Deoksugung và …Thông tin khác
K-POP Residence Seoul Tower - Khách sạn Seoul
Rating: 2.5 Stars

K-POP Residence Seoul Tower

211 Namchang-dong, Seoul - Bản đồ
Nằm ở trung tâm Seoul, khách sạn này cách Sòng bạc Seven Luck chi nhánh Millennium Seoul Hilton và Sungnyemun chỉ một đoạn …Thông tin khác
Seoul Royal Hotel - Khách sạn Seoul
Rating: 4.0 Stars
VND 3.725.992

Seoul Royal Hotel

61, Myeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul - Bản đồ
Great location for shopping, touring, banking, underground rail system and convenient to business centre of Seoul.
Cheryl and John từ Perth, Australia
Tọa lạc ngay trung tâm Seoul, khách sạn phù hợp cho gia đình này nằm cách Nhà thờ Myeongdong, Trung tâm Thương mại Lotte …Thông tin khác
Pacific Hotel - Khách sạn Seoul
Rating: 4.0 Stars
VND 3.832.182

Pacific Hotel

2, Toegye-ro 20-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul - Bản đồ
"Very good staff service and well equipped"
I had just finished a seminar and booked the hotel for my R&R stay. It happened that I had three other friends who are leaving on an early morning flight the next day, so they needed somewhere to leave their luggage so they can spent the day out and come back to pick up at night to leave for the airport. I asked the staff whether can they leave it in the reception area but unfortunately they weren't able to accommodate the arrangement because regulations. Instead of just saying no, they offered an alternative that they can leave their luggage in my room when I check in and they will open up the room for them to take their luggage at night when I'm not around. It was something that shows the quality and length of service they provide their customers with. As for the facilities, the room is well equipped and everything is at convenience with shops, restaurants nearby. Breakfast was relatively good. I must mention that the spa and gym is very well equipped. They provide everything include lockers, gym attire, swimming attire, showers, towels and toiletries - you just need to show up in whatever you are wearing and enjoy. I would strongly recommend this hotel to anyone.
Ivan Tan từ Singapore
Tọa lạc ngay trung tâm Seoul, khách sạn phù hợp cho gia đình này nằm cách Trung tâm hoạt hình Seoul, Cáp treo Namsan và …Thông tin khác
Sejong Hotel - Khách sạn Seoul
Rating: 4.5 Stars
VND 4.472.386

Sejong Hotel

145, Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul - Bản đồ
The hotel room is clean and well maintained. The bathroom is clean and quite big as well. Our room was spacious with a good view of the Seoul Tower. The staff is polite and very helpful. They did not have our reserved room available so our room was upgraded for free. The hotel has a couple of restaurants and they server breakfast. I found it a bit expensive but serves the purpose if you want the convenience of having breakfast without any hustle. The location of the hotel is central to major attractions that can be reached by foot. There is a subway entrance right outside of the hotel and the airport bus stop a block away. The subway system is excellent and can get you everywhere in the city. Make sure you have a subway map as it can get complicated if you can't read Korean. It can be challenging to find american or european breakfast places outside of the hotel, also most of the restaurants open around 10:30 am. For the real Korean experience we decided to have traditional Korean breakfast and found few good places. I do not recommend to go to the Korean restaurant that is in the same building, we found it to be over priced in comparison to places you can find a block or so away. The city has tons of coffee shops and seems that it has more Starbuck shops than New York city.
Một khách
Khách sạn này nằm tại Myeongdong - Seoul, khá gần Nhà thờ công giáo Myeongdong, Công viên Nam sơn và Chợ Dongdaemun. Các …Thông tin khác
The Westin Chosun Seoul - Khách sạn Seoul
Rating: 5.0 Stars

The Westin Chosun Seoul

106, Sogong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul - Bản đồ
"Nice hotel"
Good service by hotel staff. Clean and comfortable
Một khách
Khách sạn sang trọng này nằm ngay trung tâm Seoul, cách Trung tâm Thương mại Noon Square và Cung điện Deoksugung chỉ vài …Thông tin khác

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